Slangman Guide to BIZ SPEAK 2

Slangman Guide to BIZ SPEAK 2
Slang and Idioms Used in Business English

Book | Audio
The Slangman Guide to Biz Speak uses entertaining dialogues in the beginning of each chapter to demonstrate the new terms in a fun, lively, and useful way. These guides focus on not only what people speak, but how they speak in the business world. Even in business,everyone uses common contractions and reductions that you need to know in order to understand important meetings,negotiations, business conversations, etc.

This edition is in a larger,more user-friendly and entertaining format with hundreds of illustrations per book.They have been expanded to include reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises as well as more synonyms, antonyms,and variations than ever before.

Biz Speak 2 presents chapters on:
More everyday workplace slang & idioms
Slang & idioms used in international trade
Shipping slang and jargon
The newest terms used in globalization
Sports terms used in business
Business travel slan
Business proverbs
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