SuperKids 1 New Edition

SuperKids 1 New Edition

Student Book | Class CDs
SuperKids New Edition is a fun and easy-to-teach series for elementary school children learning English. Through lively child character and an engaging storyline, SuperKids presents and recycles language in ways that children can understand and use in their daily lives.

SuperKids emphasizes listening and speaking skills through useful functional and grammar dialogs and catchy songs and chants. The unique phonics program moves students from letter sound recognition in Level 1 to reading short stories in the upper levels. The realistic progression of SuperKids allows students to more from one level to the next recycling 40-50% of the language. The colorful artwork features friendly characters who gradually mature with students as they move through each level. The animals hidden in each unit is a feature that students love.

Special Features
Starter Unit to present numbers and colors
Nine core units with rich and colorful illustrations to present new language in context
• Fun songs, chants and TPR activities to help children learn through singing and movement
Three Recycles it! units with stories and games to keep children motivated and to reinforce language
Three Discover it! units to introduce cross-curricular themes
Two Culture units to develop international awareness
• Final assessment to monitor progress
• Alphabet chart to present Roman letters and stroke order
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SuperKids 1 New Edition (Student Book | Class CDs)

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