20 sentences with run

Run is a word that can be used as a verb, an adjective or a noun. In the following post, we will try to provide examples about the word run in different forms and uses.

  • She is running (verb)
  • Let’s go for a run (a noun)
  • I can run 2 hours daily (verb)
  • John is running a fast food shop (verb)
  • What a run! I feel so exhausted now (a noun)
  • My dad runs a coffee bar (a verb)
  • I ran 5 miles, yesterday (the past form of verb run is ran)
  • Henry ran after the train but he wasn’t able to catch it (run after is a phrasal verb which means to pursue)
  • I’m run out of money, I need to lend some from my friend (run out is a phrasal verb which means to lack)
  • We are run out of petrol (phrasal
  • Look at that running cat! It’s so cute (running is an adjective which modifies cat)
  • When the police arrived, the criminal had run away (run away is a phrasal verb which means to escape)
  • While I was walking downtown, one of my old friends ran into me (run into is a phrasal verb which means to meet someone unexpectedly)
  • The horse was running so fast (verb)
  • She was running around me until she passed out (run around is a phrasal verb)

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