Ensuring vs insuring

Ensure and insure are two verbs which might be confusing for every English user. Both of these words have the same pronunciation; hence, we can call them homophones. However, their spelling is apparently slightly different since the first starts with the vowel “E” whereas the second starts with the vowel “I”. What about their meaning, is there any difference between ensure and insure in use?

The answer is YES, here is the difference


Ensure is a verb used to make sure or certain that something or an event will be in a certain way or will exist in a certain manner. Study the following examples:

  • I have to ensure that all documents are well-organised.
  • I ensure you that he is sitting in the café
  • Ensure that the guests are coming
  • The teacher ensures that he is not going to come tomorrow
  • She is ensuring that she will marry him


The noun is insurance. This word can be used with different prepositions.

Insure against:

It means to offer or provide insurance for someone against something, or to protect against a particular risk.


  • The company insures its employers against all types of workplace accidents.
  • My employee insures me against all types of diseases.

Insured for:

It means providing compensation in the case of death, injuries, accidents, damages or losses


  • My car must be insured for 2000 dollars.
  • My father’s death will be insured for 10.000 dollars.

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